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Polish House Davos 2023 – Our Partners
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Our Partners

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The PZU Group

PZU is one of the most recognizable Polish brands, with traditions dating back to 1803. Today we are the largest financial conglomerate in Central and Eastern Europe. We operate in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine, and our consolidated assets exceed PLN 430 bn (EUR 91 bn). Every day we care for the lives, health, property or businesses of nearly 22 million clients, their families and employees. In Poland we are number one in the insurance market and one of the top players in banking, investment, pension schemes and healthcare markets. We also lead the technological revolution in finance. For us how we achieve success is just as important as success itself. That is why we develop our business in a sustainable and responsible way, caring for the environment, helping our clients and partners orchestrate their green transition, enhancing society and cultivating a friendly working environment. The PZU Group is headed by PZU SA, a company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Its shares are also part of the WIG ESG sustainability index.

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BGK – Polish Development Bank

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK) is a Polish development bank, which supports and encourages the sustainable social and economic development of Poland. Measures taken by the bank contribute to the creation of jobs, building of apartments, development of infrastructure and improvement of air quality. BGK ensures the well-being of future generations – it builds social capital, develops entrepreneurship and provides responsible financing. It is present in every region of Poland as well as abroad with its representative offices in Brussels, London, Frankfurt am Main and Amsterdam. It supports export and foreign expansion of Polish companies. BGK is the originator, co-founder and main shareholder of the Three Seas Fund which invests in transport, energy and digital infrastructure in the countries of the Three Seas region. BGK, through cooperation with business, the public sector and financial institutions, responds to economic needs and undertakes a number of initiatives promoting sustainable development.

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Bank Pekao

Bank Pekao S.A., founded in 1929, is one of the largest financial institutions in the CEE region and top 2 universal bank in Poland with ca. PLN 280bn assets. Through the second largest branch network, Bank Pekao serves over 6.3m retail customers. As the leading corporate bank in Poland, Bank Pekao serves every second among largest corporates in Poland. Status of a universal bank is underpinned by a market-leading private banking, asset management and brokerage operations. Diversified business profile is supported by a market-leading balance sheet and risk profile reflected in lowest cost of risk, strong capital ratios and resilience to macro conditions (the second bank in 2018 EU-wide EBA exercise). Since 1998 Bank Pekao has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and has been a member of several local (incl. WIG 20 and WIG Banks) and international indices (incl. MSCI EM, Stoxx Europe 600, FTSE Developed). Pekao is among top dividend companies listed in Warsaw, with total payout of PLN 20bn during last 10 years.

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PKO Bank Polski

PKO Bank Polski is the indisputable leader at the Polish banking sector. The company generates solid results and systematically expands the scale of its operation. It is the primary supplier of financial services for clients from all segments and has the highest shares in the market of deposit and credit facilities. The value of its assets is PLN 439 billion and the number of clients approximates 11.6 million. The Bank continues digital transformation, improves the standards of remote provision of financial services, supports technological sales channels, digitizes and automates business processes. Thanks to the development of digital tools and the number of active IKO app, which reached over 7 million, it has become the most mobile bank in Poland. PKO Bank Polski plays a vital role in the country’s socio-economic system. It is the guarantor of financial stability for millions of Poles and one of the drivers of the national economy.

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The Warsaw Stock Exchange Group (GPW Group)

The Warsaw Stock Exchange Group (GPW Group) operates trading platforms for shares, Treasury and corporate bonds, derivatives, electricity and gas, and provides indices and benchmarks including WIBOR and WIBID. The index agent FTSE Russell classifies the Polish capital market as a Developed Market since 2018. The markets operated by the GPW Group are the biggest in Central and Eastern Europe. For more information, visit

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KGHM Polska Miedź

KGHM is among the top world’s largest producers of copper and silver with more than 65 years of experience in mining, smelting and refining. Beyond copper and silver, KGHM extracts molybdenum, nickel, gold, palladium and platinum and produces rhenium. The company’s production assets and projects are located on three continents. KGHM’s core operations are situated in Poland. The most significant foreign operation - Sierra Gorda mine - is situated  in Chile. KGHM Group employs over 34 000 people.

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PFR – Polish Development Fund

Polish Development Fund is a group of financial and advisory institutions for entrepreneurs, local governments and individuals investing in the sustainable social and economic development of the country. Our priorities include: infrastructure investments, innovations, entrepreneurship development, export and foreign expansion of Polish enterprises, support for local governments, implementation of the Employee Capital Plans program and handling foreign investments. We ensure effective coordination of development programs on the basis of a uniform strategy and integrated channels of contact with entrepreneurs, local governments and individual clients.

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PGE and the PGE Capital Group

PGE and the PGE Capital Group is the largest entity in the electricity sector in Poland engaged in the production, distribution and sale of electricity. In accordance with its adopted and consistently implemented strategy, the PGE Capital Group is pursuing a fair energy transition process consisting in the transition to low- and zero-emission energy sources. In addition, PGE, as a company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and a member of the WIG-20 index, with the State Treasury as a major shareholder, is responsible for ensuring Poland's energy security by, inter alia, guaranteeing stable electricity supplies from various sources, with particular emphasis on zero-emission sources based on modern technologies.